Get 2% cashback

Pay with Pyypl

Valid only for selected merchants in UAE and Kenya

Earn money every time you pay

How does the instant cash back work?

Cash back is a reward you earn when you make a purchase with your Pyypl card on selected merchants. You can earn up to 2% cash back on each of your purchases

How it works? Use your Pyypl card on selected merchants and enjoy your instant cash back

How to get your instant cash back?

Pay your rides using Pyypl card

Pay your food deliveries using Pyypl card

Get your Pyypl debit card now

Save time and money with Pyypl
Use it anywhere and 24/7
Get started in minutes

1. Download the app

Get the app on your Android or iPhone mobile device and sign up

2. Add money

Load your account easily with a debit or credit card, with cash in one of the uPay kiosks or using the Pyypl dealers network near you or connecting your bank account.

3. Enjoy your cashback

The 2% cashback will be accredited in your Pyypl account instantly after your payment

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