How to save money in Bitcoin with Pyypl

Buy and sell bitcoin directly using your Pyypl app.

How to save money
in Bitcoin in 3 easy steps
with Pyypl

Safe. Fast. Secure.

1. Download Pyypl

Get the app on your Android or iPhone mobile device and sign up. You will automatically get in your wallet and for free the Pyypl Virtual Mastercard.

2. Top up your Pyypl card with a local debit card or bank money transfer

Load your account easily with your local debit card clicking on “Add Money” in your Pyypl App or sending money directly from your bank to the Pyypl bank account.

3. Buy or sell Bitcoins

Click on “Crypto” and select the amount you want to buy or sell and confirm.

What is Pyypl

Pyypl (pronunced “people”) is a non-bank digital wallet and official financial services company authorized by Financial Services Regulatory Authority in UAE.

Pyypl is for everyone, no bank account needed, no minimum salary, no minimum balance, no post-date cheques, no paperwork, and no branch visit. All nationalities are welcome.

With Pyypl you can:

Get your own globally accepted virtual Mastercard

Receive and transfer money with other Pyypl users

Track your expenses

Send online Top-up. Instant Mobile Recharges

Buy and sell Bitcoins

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Thank you for this app.
Now I can buy online. Thumbs up for this app!”

Renan M. – Google Play

“I’m so happy I found this app now I have a card to use to pay online without asking for too much requirements. Thanks, Pyypl!”

Red M. – Google Play

“Love it! You immediately get
an active virtual card (debit card) after registration.”

Adomu D. – Google Play


The investment in Bitcoin can lead to loss of money over short or even long periods. The investors in Bitcoin should expect prices to have large range fluctuations. Trading may not be suitable for all people. Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I withdraw my BTC?

You can use your Pyypl app to buy, store and sell BTC. It is not possible to withdraw, send or receive BTC using the Pyypl app.

Can I receive or send BTC using the Pyypl app?

Unfortunately it is not possible to use the Pyypl app to send or receive BTC.

How can I load my Pyypl account?

You can load your Pyypl wallet with your local debit card or with a bank money transfer.

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