Pyypl – it’s your money

Pyypl (“people”) exists because everyone in the digitalizing
world should have a chance to use their money safer, faster
and smarter than cash. We are a pioneering Fintech company
in our region and a passionate advocate of financial inclusion.

We focus on Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. Pyypl’s innovative blockchain
based technology platform enables you to manage your money and use
all the essential financial services directly from your mobile phone.

Pyypl is safe, secure, and 100% compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Product features available in Jordan

Each country has specific regulatory requirements and consumer needs. Pyypl offering is customised for every market separately.

The product features available in Jordan are:

  • Digital Wallet
  • Prepaid Card
  • Domestic User-to-User Transfer
  • Mobile Airtime Topup
  • + Many more features developed
    But not yet offered in this country

Pyypl is well-established and reputable


Pyypl uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for regulatory compliance, Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF).

Our platform conducts real-time Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and sanctions (both country and individual) screening against latest and historical UNSC, USDT, FATF, OFAC, and EUCFSF records, as well as all local databases.


Pyypl management are well-known individuals, with genuine interest to contribute to the general well-being of the society, and to the economic development.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards.

We have contributed to various initiatives such as Courts of the Future and Global Blockchain Foundation.

Since 2017

Pyypl is a pioneer in the
FinTech industry in the Middle
East, Africa and Central Asia

Pyypl works closely with the regulators. Our goal is to provide our contribution to the stability of local financial systems, while providing innovations that complement the existing infrastructure.

We are proud to be in the center of world’s fastest growing digital products markets.

Expanding fast









Sierra Leone


Saudi Arabia

South Africa








Our Values:






We are open for all and treat everyone equally. It is our pride to rely on highest ethical standards. We are dedicated to keep our pricing transparent and reasonable. We are not afraid to do things right as we have a big heart for people. We genuinely consider every human to be equal.

We are obsessed with user experience and creating services that make sense. We are a no-nonsense company and proud of it. Pyypl app is practical and useful, and it just works. Functionality leads our work, every day.

We make things easy for our users. We make financial services approachable, easy to understand, clear to use and community friendly. We are not in the market to intimidate with technology, but to show how quickly it is possible to feel at ease being fully digital.

Our users, distribution partners, and employees are always our top priority. Whatever we do, we keep ourselves and our processes focused on our goal of ultimate user satisfaction. We know what we need to do, and we do it fast, accurately and being consistent in all of markets.

We love Firsts. To be the first choice for the consumers. To be the first in the market. To be the first to innovate. To the be first to solve a problem. First is an attitude for always aiming for the best possible solution and wanting to be second to none.

We are a DeepFinTech company

There are “FinTechs” and there is Pyypl

Pyypl is not the typical thin mobile app. We are a full blockchain-native financial services backend-platform.

We have developed the technology ourselves, and we operate it ourselves. Unlike most FinTechs, we are not dependent on third-party providers.

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