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Your own token allowing you to take control over your crypto and spend in real market

It’s your crypto

Convert any crypto to PPLX

Always stable

  Redeemable 1:1 for USD via Pyypl app

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Spend Pyypl USD globally

PPLX is Pyypl

Virtual payment card

Use your card in more than 50Million online – shop worldwide
Shop in Amazon and many more

Pyypl app

Redeem PPLX it to 1:1 USD/Fiat
Person to person transfer
Binance top-up
Crypto withdrawal
*Send Fiat across the world instantly

Pyypl physical card

The debit card you’ll ever need
ATM withdrawal
Tap purchase

How to redeem your PPLX to Pyypl USD

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How your Pyypl account
to get your Pyypl coin

Save time and money with Pyypl.
Use it online and 24/7.Get started in minutes.

1. Download the app

Get the app on your Android or iPhone mobile device and sign up and get your new virtual debit card.

2. Add money

Load easily your account with your local debit card or with bank transfer.

3. Use it online

You can use your card online in every store where Mastercard is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get PPLX?

You can trade your crypto to PPLX in multiple exchanges or you can get it via airdrops, rewards and incentives for using the
Pyypl app.

How stable is PPLX?

Whatever the price of PPLX in the market or DEX the value of PPLX is always 1 USD via Pyypl app

Can I trade PPLX to others?

PPLX is a BEP20 token and compatible to trade and store with other BEP Smart Chain wallets

What is PPLX contact address?


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