Send money instantly from UAE to Kenya (M-Pesa, Airtel or bank transfer)

FREE remittance promotion: *One-time offer of a free remittance, valid only for new customers. After the first remittance an AED 17 fee will be applied.

+ Welcome Bonus: Get an AED 10 bonus after your first deposit!


What is Pyypl

Pyypl (pronunced “people”) is a non-bank digital wallet and official financial services company based in UAE and Bahrain and authorized by Financial Services Regulatory Authority in UAE.

Pyypl is for everyone, no bank account needed, no minimum salary, no minimum balance, no post-date cheques, no paperwork, and no branch visit. All nationalities are welcome.

Pyypl features:

Get your own virtual Mastercard debit card

Receive and transfer money with other Pyypl users

Remit money to the Philippines

Send online Top-up. Instant Mobile Recharges

Track your expenses

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Easy to use and high exchange rate for today, and trusted remittance app. Highly recommended.”

Era L. – Google Play

“Very helpful in remittance!”

Rose G. – Google Play

“Money sending to the Philippines has never been so easy, no more lines, no more waiting!”

Nico J. – Google Play

You can choose to send money straight to a bank account or for a cash pickup within minutes at one of the 13.000+ cash pickup locations in the Philippines

Bank account

Send directly to a bank account in Kenya


Send for free to Pyypl users in Kenya and withdraw the money with M-Pesa

Airtel Money

Send directly to Airtel money wallets in Kenya

Choose Pyypl for your next
remittance to the Philippines

One of the best market exchange rates

FREE Pyypl UAE to Pyypl Kenya transfer (M-Pesa withdraw)

Fixed fee of AED 16 (Bank Account / Airtel Money)

No hidden fees for the receiver

24/7 service. No need to go to any physical store or to do any queue

How to make an
online money transfer from
UAE to Kenya with Pyypl

Save time and money with Pyypl
Use it anywhere and 24/7
Get started in minutes

1. Download the app

Get the app on your Android or iPhone mobile device and sign up

2. Add money

Load your account easily with a debit or credit card, with cash in one of the uPay kiosks or using the Pyypl dealers network near you or connecting your bank account.

3. Remit to Kenya

Choose the recipient and the payout method then press SEND NOW

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pyypl have any hidden cost?

Pyypl is free for the first month or if you load your wallet at least once a month. The remittance to Kenya is free for new users and if you send to Pyypl Kenya users. After the first transfer (Bank transfer / Airtel Money) it has a fixed cost of AED 16 per transfer.

How can I load my Pyypl account?

You can load your account easily with cash (MBME kiosks, UPay or using one of the Pyypl dealers), debit card, or connecting your bank account

What details do I need to remit money to Kenya?

To remit money to Kenya you need a valid KE mobile number and the recipient’s full name. If you would like remit to a bank account you need the recipient’s bank account details as well.

How does the receiver get the money I sent?

Pyypl remittance Kenya will send the money directly to one of this channels: Pyypl account, Bank account, Airtel money account.

Can I do a money transfer from Dubai to Kenya?

Pyypl remittance to the Kenya is active in all  the UAE.

Is Pyypl a legit company?

Pyypl is a legit company based in UAE and authorized by Financial Services Regulatory Authority in UAE.

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