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We’re already helping 1+ million people manage their money better and we need your help to grow even more. Refer UAE’s leading financial services app and earn extra income.

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Why Pyypl?

Free to join

Signing up is completely free and takes just a few minutes. Once your application is approved, you'll receive a referral link that you can use right away.

Unlimited earnings

There’s no cap on your commissions. Refer Pyypl to as many people as you like, sit back, and watch your earnings grow.

Full support

We’ll support you with the tools you need to succeed. Save time and money by using high-quality content developed by our experts as well as unique strategies to help you grow.

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What we offer

Virtual Visa

Make everyday spending a breeze. Use your Pyypl card to pay your bills and subscriptions and shop online everywhere where Visa is accepted. Make purchases more rewarding with cashback on selected outlets. Freeze or unfreeze your card in seconds.

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Physical Visa

Request a physical card* and have it delivered to your home. Enjoy contactless payments anytime, anywhere across 100+ million stores worldwide. It’s like money in your pocket.
*Not available yet

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Money Transfers

Take advantage of excellent exchange rates and send money to 40+ countries with a tap of your phone. No more waiting in line or hidden fees. Send instantly to a bank account, a mobile wallet or an exchange centre.

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