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What is Pyypl?

Pyypl (pronounced “people”) is a non-bank digital app that gives everyone access to the financial system through a smartphone. With an internationally accepted prepaid Mastercard, conducting transactions with Pyypl is as simple as sending a message.

The backbone of your freelance business

Skip the paperwork

Get your virtual Mastercard in 2 minutes. No salary requirements, no bank account needed.

Pay for business services

Run ads, buy subscriptions, or make recurring payments directly with your Pyypl card.

Accept payments seamlessly

No more waiting to get paid. Receive and request payments with a tap of your phone.
*Only available in the UAE

Track your finances

Stay in control of your business expenses with friendly, paper-free transaction reports.

Make instant payments online across

How to get your Pyypl app

Set up and start spending with confidence.

1. Register

Download the Pyypl app and sign up in a few easy steps

2. Verify

Confirm your identity with an ID or passport

3. Top up

Load your app using a wide range of top-up options

4. Spend

Start using your virtual Mastercard for your everyday spending

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my Pyypl card?

You can use your Pyypl card to make online payments wherever Mastercard is accepted, including Amazon, Meta, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, GoDaddy, TikTok ads and many more.

How can I get paid?

You can request a payment from anyone using your PayMe link through the Pyypl app. You will receive your payments directly in the app.  

How can I withdraw my earnings?

If you’re in the UAE, you can withdraw your money from any ATM machine using the physical Pyypl card or you can send money to your home country. See the list of available countries here.

How can I load my Pyypl app?

You can load your app easily with a debit card, or by connecting your bank account. Available top-up methods depend on your country.