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Get your Pyypl Visa
Get your Pyypl Visa

What is Pyypl?

Pyypl (pronunced “people”) is a non-bank digital app that gives everyone access to the financial system through a smartphone. With an internationally accepted prepaid Visa, conducting transactions with Pyypl is as simple as sending a message.


Choose Pyypl virtual debit card for your next online payment

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No minimum salary required

Load it with your local debit card or bank transfer


Product features available

Discover what Pyypl can offer you in the UAE market.

Digital Wallet

Prepaid Card

Domestic User-to-User Transfer

Mobile Airtime Topup

How to get your Pyypl wallet

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1. Register

Download the Pyypl app and sign up in a few easy steps

2. Verify

Confirm your identity with an ID or passport

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Start using your virtual Mastercard for your everyday spending

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can apply for a credit card with no minimum salary in UAE?

It is really difficult to get a credit card with no minimum salary in UAE. The best solution is to open a Pyypl account and to request a Physical Pyypl Debit Mastercard.

Do I require a minimum salary to get a Pyypl card?

No, no minimum salary is required to get a Pyypl Virtual debit card. It is the perfect product if you can’t access to a classic virtual credit card.

How can I use my Pyypl virtual debit card?

You can use your Pyypl card in all the stores that accept payment with Mastercard.

How can I get a physical card?

You can request your Pyypl physical card directly from the Pyypl app. Just download Pyypl and do your first top-up

How can I load my Pyypl account?

You can load your account easily with cash, your local debit card or with a bank transfer.


Pyypl is free for the first month and is always free if you load your wallet at least once a month.
You will pay only if you load and use your Pyypl card.