How to Send Money from UAE to Pyypl Users in Kenya with Zero Fees

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The Smarter Way to Send Money to Kenya

Taking care of loved ones in Kenya just got a whole lot easier. You can now make instant Pyypl-to-Pyypl transfers at zero fees, and the recipient can withdraw funds directly to their M-Pesa wallets without any bank account hassles! With better-than-average exchange rates and the added advantage of instant transfers, it's the perfect solution to send instant and cheap money transfers to Kenya.

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What You Need

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The sender needs to have the Pyypl app and a registered account
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The receiver needs to have the Pyypl app and a registered account
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The receiver needs to have an M-Pesa account to withdraw funds

How it works

Step 1
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Tap Send on your Pyypl Home Page

Step 2
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Tap Pyypl Transfer

Step 3
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Enter the phone number of a registered Pyypl user and tap Continue

Step 4
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Enter the amount you’d like to send and tap Next

Step 5
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Verify the details and tap Next

Step 6
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Wait for your transaction to be processed

Step 7
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That’s it. Your transfer is now complete! Learn how to withdraw funds directly to your M-Pesa wallet here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the money transfer?

The money is typically credited instantly. This means that once the transaction has been processed, the recipient should receive the funds in their Pyypl app immediately.

What happens if the receiver doesn't have Pyypl?

If the recipient does not have a Pyypl account, they will need to sign up for one in order to receive the transfer.

How can the recipient withdraw the money?

The recipient can spend the money using the Pyypl card, which can be used to make purchases online or at retail stores. They can also withdraw the money directly to their M-Pesa wallets.

Does the recipient need to have Pyypl?

Yes, both the sender and the recipient must have the Pyypl app to complete the transfer.

What are the costs?

There are no fixed costs associated with sending money to Pyypl users in Kenya. To get the latest information on fees for transfers in Kenya, simply open the Pyypl app and check the current rates.