How to setup Trust Wallet to top-up Pyypl

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What is Pyypl?

Pyypl (pronunced “people”) is a non-bank digital wallet and official financial services company based in UAE and Bahrain and authorized by Financial Services Regulatory Authority in UAE.

Pyypl is for everyone, no bank account needed, no minimum salary, no minimum balance, no post-date cheques, no paperwork, and no branch visit. All nationalities are welcome.

What do you need to top-up Pyypl

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Trust Wallet installed in your smartphone
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The amount of USDT you want to top-up in Pyypl (Binance-Peg BSC-USD)
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0,0004 BNB on the Smart Chain for the Network Fees

How to setup Trust Wallet to Top-up Pyypl

Step 1
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Download Trust Wallet from the Apple Store or the Play Store

Step 2
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If you already have the tokens in the picture, you don’t need to go to the next steps.
If not, click on the icon in the upper right side

Step 3
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Select the 2 Tokens

Step 4
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Click on Smart Chain

Step 5
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Click “Receive”

Step 6
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Copy your wallet address

Send Money from Binance to Trust Wallet (if you don’t have already crypto in your wallet)

Step 7
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Select the token you want to send and click Withdraw

Step 8
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Send via Crypto Network

Step 9
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Paste the Address copied from Trust Wallet and select the BEP20 network.

Click on Witdraw to confirm the transfer.
Repeat the same steps to send USDT to Trust Wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I do if I have other tokens in my Trust Wallet and not USDT and BNB?

In this case you need to use the Swap function on trust wallet. Click on the token you have and click “Swap”.Select the token you need (BNB or USDT (Binance-Peg BSC-USD)) and swap it.
You will get the correct tokens valid for Pyypl Top up.

My top-up is failing, what can be the reason?

Please verify to have enough USDT and enough BNB(0,0004 for the Transaction fees).

Can I use different tokens or networks to top-up Pyypl?

At the moment only top-up with USDT + BNB(gas fees) are accepted on Pyypl.

How long does it take to receive the money in Pyypl?

The network need about 5 minutes to complete the transaction.