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NHTMCP Dai Chung Vietnam (PVcomBank)
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PVcomBank, or NHTMCP Dai Chung Vietnam, established in 2013 from the merger between PetroVietnam Finance Corporation and Western Bank, is a modern and innovative commercial bank in Vietnam. The bank offers a broad array of products and services to individual, corporate, and SME clients, including retail banking, corporate banking, loans, deposit accounts, credit cards, and wealth management services. PVcomBank is committed to digital banking, providing advanced online and mobile banking solutions, and actively participates in CSR initiatives, focusing on education, healthcare, and community welfare. Its dedication to innovation, customer service, and social contribution has rapidly positioned PVcomBank as a significant and forward-thinking player in the Vietnamese banking landscape.

Pyypl provides a seamless method to transfer money to Vietnam, directly from your mobile device.

Modern and Innovative
Established in 2013, known for modern and innovative banking services.
Service Spectrum
Offers a wide range of products and services, including retail, corporate banking, and wealth management.
Digital Commitment
Strong commitment to digital banking with advanced online and mobile solutions.
CSR and Community Focus
Actively involved in CSR initiatives, contributing to education, healthcare, and community welfare.

What is Pyypl?

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How to Send Money to NHTMCP Dai Chung Vietnam (PVcomBank) with Pyypl

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1. Download the app

Get the app on the Apple or Play Store and sign up in a few easy steps.

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2. Top up

Easily load your account using a debit card, bank account, or mobile money.

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3. Initiate Transfer

Tap on Send Money, choose International Transfer, and select Vietnam. Select Bank Account as the mode of transfer.

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4. Specify the Amount

Enter the amount you wish to send in AED.  The app will show you the conversion rate.

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5. Enter Details

Enter the beneficiary’s account details, including full name, bank name, account number, and IBAN

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6. Confirm and Send

Review the details, and with just a click, your money is on its way to the recipient. We’ll notify you once the transaction is complete, it usually takes just a few minutes.

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