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Make everyday spending a breeze

Switch to our virtual Pyypl Visa card in just 2 minutes – your ideal Mastercard alternative. Enjoy effortless shopping across millions of online stores worldwide.

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Virtual Visa card created in a tap

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Sign up with your smartphone. No paperwork. No salary requirement.

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Use across 50+ million stores worldwide

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Top up with a debit card, bank account, mobile money or bill payment terminals

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No commitment. Cancel anytime you like.

We’ve got your back

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3D-Secure technology

Rest easy knowing your purchases are protected thanks to the Visa 3D-Secure technology.

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24/7 control

Freeze and unfreeze your card whenever you want with a tap of your phone.

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App notifications

Stay informed of your app usage with real-time notifications on every transaction.

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How to get your Pyypl prepaid card

Save time and money. Get started in minutes.

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1. Download the app

Get the app on the Apple or Play Store, sign up and get your new virtual prepaid card in 2 minutes.

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2. Top up

Easily load your app using a debit card, bank account, mobile money or bill payment terminals

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3. Start spending

Use your card virtual online anywhere where Visa is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require a minimum salary to get a Pyypl card?

No. There are no salary requirements to get your virtual Pyypl card. It’s ideal for those who don’t have access to a classic credit card.

How can I use my Pyypl card?

You can use your card online across millions of stores that accept Visa.

How can I load my Pyypl app?

You can load your app easily with a debit card, mobile money, bill payment terminals or by connecting your bank account. Available top up methods depend on your country.

Can I freeze my Pyypl card temporarily?

Yes, you can freeze and unfreeze your card anytime through the Pyypl app.

How to get your Pyypl app

Set up and start spending with confidence.

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1. Register

Download the Pyypl app and sign up in a few easy steps

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2. Verify

Confirm your identity with an ID or passport

3. Top up

Load your app using a wide range of top-up options

4. Spend

Start using your virtual Visa card for your everyday spending

Take control of your money

Switch to our virtual Pyypl Visa card in minutes.