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Pyypl Team
May 7
4 mins

Get Cashback When You Pay with Pyypl at Shell

Unlock Cashback Rewards with Pyypl at Shell

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As global fuel prices continue to rise, it’s become impossible to fill up your tank without putting a dent in your wallet. But if you’re in Kenya, you’re in luck because now you can save on fuel costs, thanks to Pyypl and Shell.

We have partnered with Vivo Energy, the operator of Shell in Kenya, to give you 2% cashback every time you pay with your Pyypl prepaid card at any Shell service station in the country. Whether you’re fuelling up, topping up oil, or buying refreshments, you’ll keep getting money back when you pay with Pyypl.

What’s more, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. The more payments you make with Pyypl, the more cash you’ll get!

How It Works

Earning is easy; all you have to do is follow these simple steps:


1.    Download the Pyypl app and create an account.

2.    Top-up your Pyypl account.

3.    Request your Pyypl physical card.

4.    Pay for anything at Shell with your Pyypl card.

5.    Let the instant cashback roll in!

More About the Partnership

Along with providing easy access to financial products, we are committed to easing financial pressure and helping our users get more out of their money. With fuel being one of the most essential spends, we needed to partner with a leading fuel provider such as Shell to help keep Kenyans moving and saving.

With this partnership, we reward you for doing something that's already part of your routine: fuelling up and driving. Drive, save, repeat!

Why Use Pyypl

In addition to getting 2% cashback when you use your Pyypl card at Shell, an endless list of benefits awaits you. Using Pyypl opens doors to a whole new world of secure payments online and in-store. When you want to add money to your account, simply choose from a range of top-up options like M-Pesa.

The Pyypl app also enables you to send money fast and securely. So, go ahead and transfer some cash to your loved ones so they can buy fuel and earn, too!

While you can enjoy shopping online with the Pyypl virtual card, the Pyypl physical card is a great choice for paying for your favourite items in-store. It allows you to make effortless, secure payments on the go. If you value the convenience of contactless payments, then you’ve found the right card, accepted across millions of stores worldwide. Once you create your account, request your physical card on the app and have it delivered in no time.

How to Top up Your Pyypl Card

Using your card isas easy as topping it up. Here’s how:

1.    Sign in to your Pyypl account.

2.    Click Top-up.

3.    Choose your preferred top-up method, including M-Pesa.

4.    Add your top-up amount.

5.    Done. Happy spending!

Frequetly Asked Questions

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