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Apr 19
3 mins

How to Add Money to Your Pyypl Account in Mozambique

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So, you just created your Pyypl account and are super excited to finally pay, send, and receive money the fast and secure way. But then you realise that to get the most out of your account, you need to load money, and are unsure how to do that.


Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Topping up your Pyypl account is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. What's more, when you top up for the first time, you get a loading bonus of 100MZN!


Get started by following these quick steps below to load your account and earn your bonus:

Step 1

Log in to your account. 


Step 2

Tap ‘Top up’.


Step 3

Click ‘Cash’.


Step 4

Select ‘See locations’.


Step 5

Select ‘Dealer’.


Step 6

Choose a dealer and contact them.


Top up your account and say hello to a world of secure and ultra-fast payments. Shop with confidence in-store and online with your Pyypl card which gives you access to millions of outlets worldwide, wherever Mastercard is accepted. It doesn’t end there, you can also send and receive money from other Pyypl users in an instant.


All these benefits and more are at your fingertips; all you need to do is load money into your account and unlock a whole new world of opportunities.

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