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Apr 24
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How to Send Money from Dubai to the UK

Efficient Money Transfer from Dubai to UK

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In the world of digital financial services, sending money across borders has never been simpler. However, the specifics can still feel a little tricky, especially when you're managing transactions between countries as distinct as the UAE and the UK. Whether you're an expatriate in Dubai looking to support family back in the UK, a business professional facilitating international transactions, or just someone in need of a reliable remittance channel, this guide will teach you how to send money from Dubai to the UK.

Let’s get started.

Bank Transfers

Regulated banks are dependable ways to send money internationally. However, the costs can be substantial, as banks often dictate their own exchange rates, applying an upfront fee and a 3-5% margin over the mid-market rate for transaction costs.

Bank drafts or cashier’s cheques represent a slightly more economical alternative. While these methods are secure and relatively cheaper, they can take an extended period to reach the recipient. It's worth noting that you may encounter hidden fees, like recipient charges or third-party fees, which are generally beyond your control. Ensure you check these costs beforehand to find the cheapest way to send money from Dubai to UK. Notably, if both the sender and recipient have accounts in the same international bank, this can sometimes reduce fees.

Online Money Transfer Services

With the digital revolution, online money transfer platforms have risen in popularity. These services are among the cheapest ways to send money to the UK. They offer competitive exchange rates, low fees, and speedy transfers. Moreover, they provide an option for both one-time transfers and setting up regular payments, beneficial for recurring transactions.  

Initially, you'll need to establish an account, which involves submitting documents like an NOC from your employer, salary certificate, Emirates ID, passport, etc. Once your account is active, you can register a payee using their bank account details. After approval, you can initiate the money transfer as per the instructions provided.

Money Transfer Operators

While they might not always offer the best exchange rates, foreign exchange brokers provide quick transfers, sometimes instantaneously. Several foreign exchange brokers operating in the UAE offer competitive exchange rates. Before settling on one, consider factors like transaction costs, regulatory clearances (from entities like Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE Central Bank, or Abu Dhabi Global Market, as well as authorities in your home country), reliability, customer service, and online tracking.

To avail their services, you'll typically need to open an account with your chosen broker, providing copies of your passport and visa. You then send the money to your broker, who will transfer it to the recipient's account within 1-2 working days. You'll need the beneficiary's details, including their SWIFT/IBAN and bank account number.

Digital Wallets and Financial Apps

One of the simplest, safest, and cheapest way to send money from Dubai to the UK is via digital wallets or financial apps, such as Pyypl. Typically, digital wallets have lower fees than traditional banks and foreign exchange brokers due to reduced overheads. They offer a user-friendly experience, instant transactions, more attractive exchange rates, and transparent pricing.

Pyypl, one of the leading financial services apps in the UAE, enables direct money transfer to the UK from a smartphone. It doesn't require a bank account, minimum salary, minimum balance, or Emirates ID. Your transactions are secured with advanced data encryption, and real-time notifications keep you updated on account activity.

Sending Money from Pyypl to Monzo

If you have a Monzo account in the UK and are wondering ‘How can I put money in my Monzo account,’ Pyypl offers an easy and quick solution. You can transfer money from your Pyypl app to your Monzo account instantly. Simply select International Transfer and add in your Monzo account details in the app to initiate the transfer.

Sending Money to Your Revolut Account

If you're a Revolut user looking to load your UK account, Pyypl has you covered. The process is similar: open the Pyypl app, navigate to 'International Transfer,' and input your Revolut account details. The money will land in your Revolut account as quickly as it left your Pyypl balance, offering you another fast and hassle-free way to transfer money internationally.

Transferring Funds to Your Starling Bank Account

Starling Bank has been making waves in the UK for its customer-centric features and attractive interface. To send money to your Starling account, follow the same procedure: open the Pyypl app, go to 'International Transfer,' and input your Starling Bank account information. You'll enjoy a straightforward, speedy transfer process that will have you wondering why you didn't make the switch to digital banking sooner.

Adding Money to Your N26 Account

N26 is another digital bank gaining traction in the UK for its focus on streamlined, digital-first services. With Pyypl, you can easily send money from Dubai to your N26 account. Just select 'International Transfer' in the Pyypl app, input your N26 account details, and initiate the transfer. It's that simple and fast.

Final Thoughts

From Dubai's dynamic metropolis to the cultural melting pot of the UK, distance is no longer a deterrent in our financial dealings. While each transaction may require careful consideration, the tools and strategies we've discussed aim to simplify this process and make your financial journey less strenuous. Remember, knowledge is power, and being informed is your first step to making confident and efficient money transfers. Keep exploring, keep learning, and let's continue to make financial borders a little less limiting, one transaction at a time.

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