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May 7
7 mins

How to Send Money From the UAE to the Philippines: A Complete Guide

Comprehensive Guide for Sending Money to the Philippines

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From digital banking services to cash transfers, there are several ways to send money to the Philippines from the UAE. Here’s a list of all your options.

Traditional banking:

All regulated banks provide international money transfer services to their customers. However, these services come at a steep cost, as most traditional banks decide their own exchange rates. They often add a large up-front fee and frequently add a 3-5% margin on top of the mid-market rate as a transaction cost.


A slightly cheaper way to send money abroad via banks is through cashier’s cheques or bank drafts. While these are safe and comparatively more affordable, they do take a long time to reach the recipient. Keep in mind you have little influence over the hidden costs that banks incur, such as and recipient fees or correspondent fees (third-party fees).

Online banking:

A quicker way to send money from the UAE to the Philippines is through online banking services. You’ll first need to open an account with your selected bank. This includes filling out a form and submitting an NOC from your employer, a salary certificate, your Emirates ID, your passport, and other such documents.

Once your online banking account is set up, you can simply add a payee by entering their bank account information. Once your new payee request is approved, you can follow the instructions to make the transfer.

Foreign exchange brokers:

The UAE is home to several foreign exchange brokers that expats can turn to for better exchange rates, but there are many considerations to keep in mind before choosing one. These include the cost of international money transfers in the UAE, regulatory clearances (from the Dubai International Financial Centre, the UAE Central Bank, or the Abu Dhabi Global Market along with authorities in your home country), reliability, customer service, and online tracking.

Typically, you must open an account with your chosen broker. Copies of your passport and visa are required for this. You will then need to send the money to your broker, who will transfer it to the recipient's bank account within 1 or 2 working days. Once more, you should have all the details of the beneficiary, including their SWIFT/IBAN and bank account number.

Digital wallets or financial services apps:

By far one of the easiest and safest ways to send money to the Philippines from the UAE is to send GCash through digital wallets or financial services apps. These are smartphone applications that allow users to conduct financial transactions using mobile devices. Your passwords and payment details are securely stored there.

Digital wallets typically charge less than traditional banks and foreign exchange brokers while providing more specialised services, due to lower overhead. This results in reduced transaction costs, more upfront pricing, quicker delivery, more favourable exchange rates, and an improved user experience.  

One of the best financial services apps in the UAE is Pyypl. The Pyypl app can be used to send money to the Philippines directly from the smartphone, making it easy for anyone to transfer funds without having to stand in lines or pay high exchange rates. No bank account is needed, no minimum salary, no minimum balance, no post-dated cheques, and no branch visit. Your payments are protected with advanced data encryption, and you’re always informed of your account usage through push notifications and SMSs.

Getting started with Pyypl

If you’re looking to send GCash from the UAE to the Philippines in a safer and more convenient way, simply follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Visit the Google Play store or App Store to download Pyypl
  1. Register with a valid phone number and ID/passport
  1. Create a unique passcode to keep your app secure
  1. Verify your identity with a quick selfie

Once the sign-up process is complete, simply load your Pyypl app through a debit card, a bank account, a mobile wallet or through one of the 2000+ kiosks around the UAE and use it for instant money transfer to the Philippines. 

Download Pyypl and get started by clicking here.

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