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Pyypl Team
May 7
3 mins

Pyypl Waives Remittance Fee to Turkey to Support Relief Efforts

Supporting Relief Efforts: Turkey Remittance Fee Waived

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Pyypl's Supportive Initiative

The earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria has had a devastating effect, leading to large-scale loss of life, destruction of property, and leaving millions wounded and in dire need of health care.

The tragic aftermath has caused an increasing need for relief and support; we believe every capable individual has the obligation to help. We at Pyypl are doing just so by joining the rest of the global community to play our part and lend a helping hand. To help members of the Turkish community sending money to loved ones back home, we are waiving the fee for remittances to Türkiye until the end of May, 2023. We invite others to do the same, on a personal as well as corporate level, to support donations and any type of aid to those in need however possible.  

We understand that now may be the most critical time to do transactions bound for Türkiye, and we want to do our best to facilitate this process and make it an affordable and hassle-free experience.

Empowering others is part of our DNA at Pyypl. The same initiative that inspired us to build a platform that brings financial inclusion to all is the exact one that compels us to stand up in times of crisis and support those affected.

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