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Apr 24
4 mins

The Best Way to Send Money to Ghana from the UAE

Efficient Money Transfers to Ghana from UAE

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The hustle of international money transfers can often feel like a maze, with its intricate fee designs, the red tape of paperwork, and the patience-testing waits. If you’re looking to send money to Ghana from the UAE, you're surely on the hunt for an efficient, quick, and economical method.

In this article, we’ll reveal the best way to send money to Ghana from the UAE. We'll respond to your burning questions and introduce you to a one-stop solution.

What’s the Best Way to Send Money to Ghana?

Out of all available routes, transferring money to Ghana is easiest when done through financial apps like Pyypl. What makes Pyypl stand out? It's a fully digital, zero-paperwork money management app tailored for all your international transfer needs. Forget the days of bank queues, lengthy forms, and branch visits. With Pyypl, sending AED to Ghana Cedis becomes as easy as a tap of your smartphone. Just a few minutes and voila, your recipient will see the funds reflecting almost instantly.

But that’s not all. Let’s explore some of the other features that makes Pyypl the best option to send money internationally:

No Hidden Fees

While many conventional money transfer platforms shock you with unforeseen costs post-transaction, Pyypl champions transparency. With them, you’re always in the know, making it an affordable choice to convert AED to Ghana Cedis.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating Pyypl's app is super easy. Designed with users in mind, even those new to digital platforms can seamlessly execute transactions.


Pyypl uses cutting-edge encryption tech to ensure your money and personal data stay fortified. Rest easy knowing your transfers are guarded against unauthorised activities.

Quick Transfers

Gone are the days when international money transfers seemed endless. With Pyypl, your funds jet off to Ghana in a flash. Add the receiver's mobile details, and they’ll get the money in no time.

First Transfer is Free

To top it all, your first money transfer to Ghana via Pyypl comes with zero charges. Experience the app’s swift, fortified, and hassle-free service without spending a dime.

Other Ways to Send Money Online to Ghana

While Pyypl is a top contender, several other methods exist for transferring money to Ghana. Let's explore them:

Bank Transfers:

The old guard of money transfers, banks are often prized for their security. But they can dent your wallet with their fees, and international transactions can feel like a marathon.

Money Transfer Agents (e.g., Western Union, MoneyGram):

Ubiquitous and handy, these agents are accessible and simplify cash collections for the recipient. But their fees can sometimes be steep, and their exchange rates might not always be in your favour.

Online Brokers:

Entities like Forex often lure with better-than-bank exchange rates. However, while cost-friendly, they aren’t always the quickest.

Digital Apps:

These mobile-based platforms such as Pyypl have upended the money transfer scene. Often cheaper than traditional options due to lower overheads, they offer quick transactions, transparent rates, user-centric designs, and strong security features.

What Should You Look for in a Money Transfer Service?

Competitive Exchange Rates:

Maximise your money’s worth. Different services offer varying rates, so do a bit of homework.

Minimal Fees:

The cost structure of services can vary wildly. Look for those with the lowest or non-existent fees to ensure your money travels farthest.

Speed of Transfer:

Urgency matters. Some services are quick while others can take days. Pick according to your need.


You want peace of mind. Opt for a service with sterling reviews and a proven security track record.

Ease of Use:

Complexity is a no-no. Prioritise user-friendly services. Features like mobile apps and 24/7 support enhance this.

How to Send Money to Ghana with Pyypl

Kickstart your Ghana transfer journey with these simple steps:

  1. Download Pyypl: Ensure you have an active, funded Pyypl account. First-timers, don't fret, it’s a quick 2-minute setup.
  1. Top up: Load your Pyypl wallet using a debit card or bank account.
  1. Select a transfer method: Choose 'International transfer' and select Ghana. Specify the mode of transfer, which can be either a bank transfer or mobile money.
  1. Choose amount: Add the amount, and the conversion rate will show you the AED to Ghana Cedis conversion rate.
  1. Enter recipient details: Add and verify recipient details.
  1. Stay cool: Pyypl does the heavy lifting now. Once done, you'll get a notification.

Final Thoughts

Sending money from the UAE to Ghana need not be a chore. With platforms like Pyypl, it's a straightforward, efficient affair. Ready to see for yourself?

Download Pyypl now.

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