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Apr 19
7 mins

How to Get a Freelance Visa in Abu Dhabi

Procedures for Securing Independent Work Permits

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Getting a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi is not only a great way to pursue your career as a freelancer, but it's also a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a city that’s experiencing unprecedented growth and development. As a global hub for industries such as finance, technology, and media, Abu Dhabi is a hotbed of innovation and creativity, making it an ideal place for freelancers looking to establish themselves and build a strong client base.

The process of obtaining a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi might seem a bit overwhelming, particularly for those who’re unfamiliar with the country's legal and bureaucratic systems. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process, including the necessary steps you need to take and the documents you will need to gather.

Please note: The information provided in this blog post is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to keep the information up to date and accurate, it may be subject to change and should not be taken as legal or financial advice. We recommend that you verify all information with the relevant entities before making any decisions.

Let’s dive in.

Choose the Right Type of Visa

One of the first steps you need to take is choosing the right type of visa. There are several types of visas available for freelancers in Abu Dhabi, including:

  • Remote work visa: This visa is designed for freelancers who are working remotely from Abu Dhabi, and it allows them to work for clients or companies based in other countries.
  • Creative visa: This visa is designed for creative professionals, such as artists, writers, and musicians, and it allows them to work on their projects and showcase their work in Abu Dhabi.
  • Self-employment visa: This visa is designed for freelancers who want to establish their own business in Abu Dhabi and work independently.

It's important to choose the right type of visa that best fits your situation and career goals, as each type of visa has different requirements and restrictions.

Gather Required Documents

Once you’ve chosen the right type of visa, you’ll need to gather the required documents to apply for it. The documents required for a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi include:

  • Passport: You will need to provide a valid passport with at least six months' validity.
  • CV: Your CV should include your education and work experience, as well as any relevant skills and qualifications.
  • Portfolio: If you are a creative professional, you will need to provide a portfolio that showcases your work and demonstrates your skills and experience.
  • Proof of Skills and Experience: You will need to provide evidence of your skills and experience, such as references from previous clients, certifications, and testimonials.
  • Financial Stability: You will need to provide evidence of your financial stability, such as bank statements or proof of income. This is to ensure that you are able to support yourself while you are living and working in Abu Dhabi.

Get a Medical Check

Before your freelance visa can be approved, you’ll need to undergo a medical check to ensure that you are in good health. This is an important step, as it ensures that you are physically fit to work and live in Abu Dhabi. The medical check typically involves a physical examination and a blood test.

Find a Sponsor

To apply for a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi, you will need to find a sponsor, such as a local business or individual, to support your application. A sponsor is responsible for providing you with housing, healthcare, and other necessary support while you are working in Abu Dhabi.

There are several options for finding a sponsor, including:

  • Hiring a sponsorship service: There are many companies and organisations that offer sponsorship services for freelancers in Abu Dhabi. They can help you find a suitable sponsor and guide you through the process of obtaining a freelance visa.  
  • Partnering with a local business: If you have clients or business partners in Abu Dhabi, they may be willing to act as your sponsor and support your visa application.  
  • Working with a co-working space: Some co-working spaces in Abu Dhabi offer sponsorship services to their members, so this may be another option to consider. This can be a convenient and cost-effective way to find a sponsor, as well as giving you access to a supportive community of like-minded freelancers.

Submit Your Visa Application

Once you’ve gathered all the required documents and found a sponsor, you can submit your freelance visa application to the relevant authorities in Abu Dhabi, such as the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development or TwoFour54. This can be done either in person or online, and it typically takes several weeks to process the application.


Getting a freelance visa in Abu Dhabi can be a challenging process, but it's also a great opportunity for freelancers to pursue their careers and establish themselves in one of the world's most dynamic and prosperous cities. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your freelance visa application is approved quickly and smoothly so you can get paid quickly and easily.

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