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Jun 5
3 mins

The Best Credit Cards for School Fees in the UAE

Discover the best options from banks across the UAE

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First off, congratulations on taking the plunge and moving your family to this multicultural part of the world. One of the most critical aspects you're likely grappling after the big move is probably the education of your little ones. Amidst the sea of decisions, like the age for school admission in the UAE or the tug-of-war between CBSE schools in the UAE and IB schools in the UAE, one critical detail often gets overlooked - managing school fees.  

So, let's talk about a less-discussed but super-important topic: how to pay those school fees. With tuition fees being a significant chunk of the family budget, you might as well get something back, right? That’s where the best credit card for school fees in the UAE comes into play.

Note: While this guide aims to provide an overview of the best credit cards for school fees in the UAE, it's important to reach out to the respective banks directly to confirm the most up-to-date offers and benefits.

Here are our top picks:

ADCB TouchPoints Visa Infinite Card

With this card in your wallet, every school fee payment earns you TouchPoints that you can redeem against a host of exciting rewards. It's also packed with lifestyle benefits and premium privileges, perfect for the discerning expat family.

Emirates NBD Titanium Credit Card

One for the frequent flyers among you, this card offers Skywards Miles for every dirham you spend. And yes, that includes school fees! You can also avail installment payment plans at 0% interest for school fee payments.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Rewards Credit Card

This card offers 3x rewards points for all education payments. Also, it doesn’t have a minimum spend requirement to earn points, making it great for families with varying school fee commitments.

Citibank Cashback Credit Card

This card comes with a straightforward cashback program that includes 2% cashback on school fee payments. It’s a no-fuss way to save a little on each payment.

Pyypl Prepaid Virtual Card

If you find yourself ineligible to open a standard bank account due to hefty paperwork and strict requirements, you can say goodbye to traditional banking troubles and hello to the modern way of managing your money. The Pyypl prepaid virtual card allows you to keep a track of your spending in real-time, all while providing a safe and secure platform. And the best part? You can pay your school fees from anywhere, at any time, without worrying about cash or cheques.

Final Thoughts

Remember, choosing the right credit card is all about understanding your family's unique needs. While the best credit card for school fees in the UAE is a vital consideration, remember to factor in other perks, annual fees, and interest rates as well. Expats in the UAE have a host of financial options at their disposal, and there's something to suit every lifestyle. So you’re sure to find a financial solution that works for you.

Frequetly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a credit card for school fee payments in the UAE?

Using a credit card for school fee payments in the UAE can provide rewards points, cashback, or airline miles, which can be redeemed for various perks. Additionally, some cards offer 0% interest installment plans, making large payments more manageable over time.

Which credit card is best for earning rewards on school fee payments?

The ADCB TouchPoints Visa Infinite Card is highly recommended for school fee payments as it allows you to earn TouchPoints on each transaction. These points can be redeemed for exciting rewards, making it a lucrative option for parents managing substantial education expenses.

Are there credit cards that offer cashback on education payments?

Yes, the Citibank Cashback Credit Card offers a straightforward cashback program that includes 2% cashback on school fee payments, providing a direct way to save money on one of the major expenses for families in the UAE.

What options are available for expats who may have difficulty obtaining a standard credit card?

For expats facing challenges with traditional banking requirements, the Pyypl Prepaid Virtual Card is an excellent alternative. It eliminates the need for extensive paperwork and offers a modern way to manage money securely. You can use this card to pay school fees online anytime and from anywhere.

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