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Apr 24
4 mins

The Best Way to Buy Flights from the UAE

Buying Flights from UAE: Tips for the Best Deals

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Whether you’re one of the many expats in the UAE planning a vacation back home or a resident dreaming of your next global adventure, knowing the best way to buy flights from the UAE is essential. In this blog, we'll walk you through the process, adding in some savvy tips, including how to make the most of financial tools like a prepaid virtual card.

Understanding Flight Options from the UAE

The UAE is home to world-class airlines that offer a range of flight options to suit every need and budget. From luxurious first-class experiences to budget-friendly options, you have a plethora of choices for your journey.

Here's a list of the top 10 airlines operating in the UAE that you’ll likely be using for your travels:

  1. Emirates
  1. Etihad Airways
  1. FlyDubai
  1. Air Arabia
  1. Qatar Airways
  1. Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia)
  1. Turkish Airlines
  1. British Airways
  1. Lufthansa
  1. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Best Time to Book Flights

Timing is everything. Generally, booking three months in advance can secure you better deals, especially for international flights. Keep an eye out for seasonal variations too – prices tend to soar during holidays and drop in off-peak seasons. To land the best flight deals, flexibility is your best friend. Consider flying on different days or times and always browse in incognito mode to avoid price hikes based on your search history.

Comparing Online Booking Platforms

In today's digital age, online platforms can help you compare flight prices. Websites like Skyscanner, Expedia, or Google Flights offer a user-friendly way to browse through various options and snag the best deal. Setting up fare alerts on travel websites can also keep you ahead of the game.

Maximising Airline Loyalty Programs

Frequent flyers, take note. Airlines based in the UAE offer loyalty programs that can significantly reward your travel. Accumulating points can lead to upgrades, discounts, or even free flights. If you're an expat in the UAE, these programs can be particularly beneficial for regular trips. Frequent flyers should especially consider the loyalty programs of Emirates' Skywards, Etihad's Guest, and FlyDubai's OPEN as they’re known for their generous rewards and extensive partner networks, making them some of the best options for expats in the UAE.

Utilising Travel Agencies

While online booking is convenient, don't overlook traditional travel agencies, especially for complex itineraries. They can offer personalised services and sometimes even access to exclusive fares not available online.

Payment Methods and Financial Tips

When it comes to payment, options like the Pyypl virtual card offer both convenience and security. Pyypl’s innovative Visa card offers a host of benefits tailored to meet the needs of modern travellers:

  1. Easy Access: The Pyypl prepaid virtual card can be obtained in 2 minutes and managed through the Pyypl app. No salary requirements or paperwork.
  1. Online Bookings: The Pyypl virtual Visa card is widely accepted by airlines and travel booking platforms, making it a versatile option for purchasing flight tickets. This means that you can book flights and pay for all your travel arrangements from the comfort of your home before you embark on your journey.  
  1. Payments on the Go: You can use the Pyypl card to make payments while travelling. No need to carry huge amounts of cash.
  1. Security: With advanced security features, the Pyypl virtual card provides a safe way to make transactions, reducing the risk of fraud or theft.
  1. Real-Time Tracking: The Pyypl app allows you to track your transactions in real-time. This feature is invaluable for keeping an eye on travel expenses and staying within budget.
  1. Quick Top-Up Options: You can quickly top up your Pyypl card through various convenient methods like bank transfer and debit card, so you always have funds available for your travel bookings.  
  1. Control Over Spending: The prepaid nature of the Pyypl card means you can only spend what you have loaded, which helps in better financial management and avoids overspending.

Wrapping Up

The world is just a flight away from the sparkling shores of the UAE. Armed with these tips, you're now ready to embark on your next aerial adventure. Just remember to factor in travel insurance and check visa requirements for your destination before jetting off.

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