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Jun 6
5 mins

WPS Payroll Cards: Everything You Need to Know

Learn the ins and outs of WPS Payroll cards in the UAE.

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WPS payroll cards are special debit cards issued to employees by their employers for salary disbursement purposes. Unlike traditional payment methods, such as cash or checks, WPS payroll cards facilitate electronic transfers of salaries directly onto the card's account. This modern approach is more convenient and promotes financial inclusion by giving employees easy access to their wages.

By providing safe and secure salary payments for employees across various industries, WPS payroll cards have become an important part of the UAE’s labor framework.  

In this article, we explain everything there is to know about WPS Payroll cards.

Significance in the UAE Salary Payment Processes

WPS payroll cards can be used in multiple industries, ensuring compliance with labor regulations in the UAE. By regulating the use of WPS payroll cards, the government ensures that employees receive their wages promptly and in full accordance with their employment contracts. Moreover, these cards offer a secure and transparent mechanism for salary disbursements, minimizing the risk of payment delays or discrepancies.

Features and Benefits

For employers, WPS payroll cards offer simplified payroll management, reducing administrative burdens associated with traditional payment methods. They also reduce the risks of payment delays or discrepancies, enhancing operational efficiency.

Streamlined Salary Payments

WPS payroll cards simplify the salary payment process for employers by eliminating the need for traditional methods like cash or checks. Employers can transfer employees' salaries onto these cards, saving time and resources associated with manual payroll processing. This automated approach enhances accuracy and reduces administrative burdens, allowing companies to focus on core business activities.

Convenient Access to Funds

For employees, WPS payroll cards offer convenience in accessing their salaries. With these cards, employees no longer need to visit banks or wait in long queues to cash their paychecks. Instead, they can conveniently access their funds through ATMs or make purchases directly using the card, providing them instant access to their hard-earned wages.

Enhanced Security

Security is critical in financial transactions, and WPS payroll cards ensure it with strong security features. These cards typically come with PIN protection, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the funds. Additionally, advanced fraud prevention measures safeguard against unauthorized transactions, providing both employers and employees with peace of mind.

How to Obtain WPS Payroll Cards: A Step-by-Step Guide for Employers

  1. Select a WPS Agent: Employers must choose a WPS agent, typically a bank or financial institution, authorized to issue WPS payroll cards.
  1. Submit Payroll Data: Provide accurate payroll information to the chosen WPS agent, including employee details and salary amounts.
  1. Transfer Salaries: Transfer the designated salary amounts to the WPS agent for distribution to employees' payroll cards.
  1. Distribute Payroll Cards: Once salaries are transferred, distribute the WPS payroll cards to employees along with instructions for activation.

Activating WPS Payroll Cards: A Guide for Employees

  1. Receipt of Card: Employees will receive their WPS payroll card from their employer or the designated WPS agent.
  1. Check for Instructions: Review the accompanying materials for activation instructions and any required documentation.
  1. Visit ATM or Bank: Visit an ATM or the issuing bank to activate the card. Follow the prompts on the screen and enter the necessary information, including a personal identification number (PIN) for security purposes.
  1. Activation Confirmation: Upon successful activation, employees will receive a confirmation message, indicating that their WPS payroll card is ready for use.

Compliance and Regulations

In the UAE, the Wages Protection System (WPS UAE) regulates the payment of employee salaries, ensuring timely and accurate disbursements. Here's a closer look at the regulatory landscape and the significance of compliance:

  1. Regulatory Requirements: Employers in the UAE must adhere to strict guidelines when implementing WPS payroll cards. These include accurately recording employee salaries, transferring funds through authorized channels, and providing transparent wage statements.
  1. Importance of Compliance: Compliance with WPS regulations is very important for both employers and employees. For employers, adherence to WPS guidelines fosters trust and credibility, showcasing commitment to fair labor practices and regulatory compliance. Failure to comply can result in fines and penalties, tarnishing the company's reputation. For employees, compliance ensures they receive their salaries on time and in full, safeguarding their financial stability and rights.

Popular WPS Cards in the UAE

Among the available WPS cards in the UAE, the Emirates NBD Payroll Card is one of the most popular options as it provides companies a reliable and quick way to disburse salaries so that employees have instant access to their wages through ATMs and retail outlets. Similarly, the CBD Payroll Card by Commercial Bank of Dubai is another favored choice that provides enhanced security features and easy management options through its dedicated mobile app. The RAKBANK FastPay card is also widely used, praised for its user-friendly interface and the convenience it provides to both employers for payroll management and employees for day-to-day financial transactions.  


In essence, WPS payroll cards guarantee a fair and equitable work environment, where employees' rights are safeguarded, and salary payments are conducted efficiently and transparently.

By combining the WPS payroll cards into the salary payment processes, companies operating in the UAE can include technological advancements in their systems to enhance the welfare of their workforce.

Frequetly Asked Questions

What are WPS payroll cards, and how do they differ from traditional payment methods?

WPS payroll cards are specialized debit cards issued by employers for salary disbursement, enabling electronic transfers of wages directly onto the card's account. Unlike cash or checks, these cards offer convenience and promote financial inclusion.

What benefits do WPS payroll cards offer to employers and employees?

Employers benefit from simplified payroll management and reduced administrative burdens, while employees enjoy convenient access to their wages through ATMs or direct purchases, along with enhanced security features.

How can employers obtain WPS payroll cards for their employees?

Employers need to select a WPS agent, provide accurate payroll data, transfer designated salary amounts to the agent, and distribute the payroll cards to employees along with activation instructions.

Why is compliance with WPS regulations crucial for both employers and employees?

Compliance ensures timely and accurate salary disbursements, fosters trust, and credibility for employers while safeguarding employees' financial stability and rights. Failure to comply may lead to fines, penalties, and damage to the company's reputation.

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