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Apr 24
4 mins

Catch a Ride and Get 2% Cashback with Pyypl

Receive Rewards While You Travel

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Whether you're racing through Nairobi's bustling streets or craving your favourite local dish, Pyypl has your back—and your wallet. With Pyypl, your rides and food deliveries are now more than just transactions; they’re rewarding journeys where every payment brings you closer to earning cashback.

That’s right, you can earn cashback on your everyday spending on two of the most popular apps in Kenya – Uber and Bolt. Read on to learn all about the cashback mechanics and how you can set it up on autopilot, so you earn on every spend.

What are Uber and Bolt?

Uber and Bolt are two of the most popular ridesharing and food delivery platforms in Kenya. Known for their affordability and extensive reach, these apps have become an integral part of everyday life. With them, you can hitch a ride to the office, have a warm meal delivered to your doorstep, or explore the hidden gems in your city. Uber Eats and Bolt Food - their respective food delivery arms - have also revolutionised dining at home.

Uber is a global giant in the ride-hailing industry and has won over Kenyans with its reliable and user-friendly service. Whether it's a quick hop to the grocery store or a trip across the city, Uber has it covered.

Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, has equally gained a loyal customer base in Kenya, offering competitive prices for their rides and food deliveries. With Bolt, fast, efficient transport and food delivery is just a click away.

Why Use Pyypl to Pay on Uber and Bolt?

Imagine using two of your favourite apps, and then getting rewarded for it! That’s right, you can now earn 2% cashback when you pay for your Uber or Bolt rides and food deliveries with your Pyypl physical or virtual card. It doesn't matter where you're going or what food you're ordering, Pyypl ensures that every transaction brings you some joy in return.

And that’s not all. Pyypl brings unparalleled convenience to your payment experiences with these apps. No more cash payments or the hassle of transferring money to the driver using M-Pesa at the end of your ride. Simply pay using your Pyypl card and enjoy smooth, cashless transactions every time. With Pyypl, every ride and food order is not just rewarding, but also effortless.

How It Works

Getting started is incredibly simple. Here's how to start earning:

  1. Download the Pyypl app and create an account. If you haven't yet discovered the ease and convenience of Pyypl, there's no better time than now.
  2. Top-up your Pyypl account with your M-Pesa wallet.
  3. Book an Uber or Bolt ride or place a food delivery order, and choose to pay with Pyypl. It's as easy as that.
  4. Relish the ride, enjoy your meal, and celebrate your reward. With every transaction, you're not just spending, you're earning.

How to add your Pyypl card to Uber and Bolt

If you’re wondering how to add your Pyypl card to these apps, follow the simple instructions below and you’ll be set up in no time:

  1. Open the payment tab in your Bolt or Uber app.
  1. Add a new payment method and key in your Pyypl card details.
  1. Sit back, relax, and let the cashback pour in.

With our rewarding cashback offer, every ride becomes an opportunity, and every meal a moment of joy. So, why wait? Start your rewarding journey with Pyypl today. No more cash and time lost with Pyypl.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pyypl cashback offer on Uber and Bolt?

Our cashback offer rewards you with a 2% cashback every time you use your Pyypl physical or virtual card to pay for Uber or Bolt rides and food deliveries.

How do I qualify for the cashback offer?

To qualify, simply use your Pyypl Prepaid Visa card as your payment method when you order a ride or food delivery through the Uber or Bolt apps.

How do I add my Pyypl card to my Uber or Bolt account?

To add your Pyypl card, navigate to the payment section on either app. Select 'Add a new payment method' and input your Pyypl card details.

When will I receive my cashback?

Your 2% cashback is credited to your Pyypl account automatically after each successful transaction.

Is there a limit to how much cashback I can earn?

There's no limit to the cashback you can earn! The more you ride or order, the more you earn.

Frequetly Asked Questions

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